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The Ateneo Nomade Triangolare is a place of arrival and departure of knowledge, men and desires, it is the multidisciplinary opportunity of wandering competences which from lesson to lesson, from chair to chair, suggest ways and times for a new urbanity.

So it is a polisensorial opportunity to interpreting and re-codifying unexpressed potentialities of places, project and effort to do Città nel (del)Parco (City in/of the Park). 

What Città del Parco is

The Città del Parco is a project by the ‘illuminating’ economist Pasquale Persico  aiming to introduce a line of socio-environmental and anthropological development - not subaltern but alternative to the metropolitan models - to rural territories .

Social and cultural relationships of towns show a wideness which, in rural areas, spreads into wide spaces without losing itself.

Linking the senses of Cilento with ideas, projects, works and geography through activities of interpretation, economics and cultural enterprises, is useful to unify a wide area. Only this waving can guarantee a good development based on the potentialities of the territory.

The territory doesn’t become the town because of the overbuilding but thanks to a relationship with its parts and in so doing it put itself into play.

City of Chefs
Music lesson with Francesco Grigolo
English on the farm
Lesson with Franco Arminio and Lidia Decandia
Concert for Aeolian Islands

Temporary and Contemporary

The stake is the future, an archaic future because it imagines a future through the past and the places preserving mostly (both naturalistically and antropologically) the traces of the archaic. In those places, starting from those places, read and interpreted by using figurative arts and scientific disciplines, it is possible to see a possible future with a ‘contemporariness’ at the same time ‘temporary’, that is, the flux of individual and collective consciences is always present. The temporary-contemporary expresses a relationship between man and nature not definitely compromised so it opens and offers the possibility of benefit from the ‘privilege to be late' compared to industrialized and heavily urbanized areas.

Instead of the attempt to imitate the metropolitan development, we should think about the urbanity as the consequence of a civil way of life which is able to structure itself in a territory with its precise features following an own model of development where the internal rule is the principle of sustainability.

Another City

For this reason we talk about a   new urbanity as a paradigm of advanced development which overcomes starting models and old definitions of urban and rural. It also proposes another city, expanded in Cilento and beyond, seeing Europe and the Mediterranean Sea as conceptual borders imagining a new way to inhabit and keeping in touch with the other.

Places themselves are inexistent, but take their three dimensions when people live there. The place is a told space. In this way spaces become places, opened to the travellers’ knowledge. A space is a place if the inhabitant is there and tells about its life, its daily routine by its stories. So the meeting with the other one, the traveller, is the telling of the territory and the related activities about the act of living it.

Ateneo in triangulation

This hermeneutic triangulation between (1) territory/landscape- (2)resilient inhabitants -  (3) curious travellers is the semiotic movement to be together as a continuous interdisciplinary research.

This continue triangulation of relationships and into relationships is structured in Athenaeum, but meanwhile it is continuous interpretative movement of knowledge and towards knowledge, for this reason it is nomad too, that is dynamic like the peoples’ movement and the metamorphosis of the territories.

So, the Ateneo Nomade Triangolare is a place of arrival and departure of knowledge, men and desires. The Ateneo Nomade Triangolare breathes in Vibonati looking at the sea and the mountains but recognises other breathes, welcomes them and searches for new contacts to generate or regenerate the consciousness of the need of research.

In  Pasquale Persico’s words:

Analizzare le diverse densità necessarie alla rigenerazione dei tessuti della città densa e delle densità civiche nell’area vasta (Città del Parco) è un’indagine dei ‘certosini’ della ‘certosa esplosa’ che oggi sono nuovamente chierici vaganti, nomadi e triangolari, in cerca di capacità di apprendere ad apprendere”

(Analyzing the differences is a carthusian monk’s and exploded monastery’s research which are new wandering clerics today, nomad and triangular, in search of the ability of understand how to understand).

Some Past Activities in Ateneo

Other "triangular"works of ours

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