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Path of San Nilo in Cilento

Some of the paths that we have traveled and offered to our guests for years starting from the Casale and around the Casale, such as the old road that connected Tortorella to Morigerati and which passes over the Casale just 1 kilometer away, have been further enhanced by the new Byzantine Way of San Nilo.

The Way of San Nilo is the first of the religious paths of Southern Italy and passes through the woods and villages of the hinterland municipalities of the Gulf of Policastro, from Torraca to Palinuro, in at least 8 days. Here is the complete itinerary.

In Europe the Paths, both religious and of other nature, are increasingly becoming a reference for hikers and lovers of landscape and ecotourism.

The Way of San Nilo traces the initiatory journey that the young Nicola made around the year 1000 from Rossano in Calabria to San Nazario in Cilento to become there Nile and then begin his Italian-Greek monastic career which took him to the gates of Rome to Santa Maria di Grottaferrata where he founded the homonymous Exarchic Monastery.

The agri-b & b and Home Restaurant Casale Il Sughero is located about 10 minutes by car from the starting point of the Way of San Nilo in Torraca, or just over 5 km. In addition, the Casale is only a 40-minute walk on foot from the Way of San Nilo, meeting him exactly in the middle of the second stage. For this reason the first three stages with relative arrivals and departures develop in a semicircle all around the Casale.

Reason why Casale Il Sughero is an excellent starting and stopping point (especially for the second and third stages) to be able to travel in comfort the first part of the Way of San Nilo, or the Torraca-Casaletto stages (1st stage) , Casaletto-Morigerati (II stage) and Morigerati-Caselle (III stage). Here below the detail of the first part of the Way with the Path connecting the Casale and the Second stage of the Way of San Nilo.

           Path from the Casale to the II stage of the Way of San Nilo                        Paths from the Casale to the II and III stage of the Way of San Nilo

It is also possible to explore the surroundings of the Way of San Nilo and make beautiful variations and detours around the Way of San Nilo and the Casale. In particular, it is possible to make three circular paths Casale-Morigerati-Casale, from the shortest to the longest, for all needs, following the old tracks that once connected the villages on foot.

These options will allow you to explore and get to know more deeply the territory that crosses the Way of San Nilo and also allow you, after having stayed or stopped to eat at the Casale, to put you back on the Way to resume the march. Below are the links to the tracks loaded individually and which we have grouped together in a unique image together with the Way: Casale-Bussento River and the Old Road "Rio Casaletto-Morigerati-Ferriera-Farneto".


Whether you want to do only the first stages or part of them, or if you want to travel the entire Way of San Nilo, you can consider Casale Il Sughero as one of the logistical references for your trip. The Casale also, thanks to the provincial road 210 is a few minutes drive from Morigerati, arrival and departure between the second and third stages.

In addition to rural hospitality in double, triple or quadruple rooms with sea view, with private and abundant bathrooms and healthy breakfasts with our products, we also offer travelers the possibility of alternatively or in addition to set up their tent in our garden and have a shared bathroom. available. Finally, at Casale Il Sughero we also do Home Restaurant: travelers can have lunch and dinner with the natural products of our garden enjoying typical local recipes.

We also prepare packed breakfasts and transfer service to and from the points of arrival and departure of the stages of the Way closest to us.

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