natural farming

Let you cultivate by the Land

We cultivate the land for our family, friends, hosts and whoever wants to know territories through the language of food

Synergic garden

Thanks to an attentive redefinition in permaculture of the land of our farm we have started a process of conversion of an ancient land impoverished in the past into a new food garden for a critical self-sustainment for our family, guests and customers.

We wait for you here in our factory farm to share our products and sell  our seasonal surplus to you. We also  cooperate  with ethical purchasing groups in small local markets.


We  make horticolture and synergic fructiculture using ancient and at risk of exintion seeds  and races (like  'pink pomodorini', 'red melanzana',  'a coste lunghe' green salad, yellow winter tomatoes called 'vernini', ancient legumes  and more, in particular fruit trees which are mostly autochthonous and recovered by local varieties), according to principles of sustainable agricolture without chemicals. We cultivate the 'Carosella' grain, both white and red, an ancient grain of Southern Italy Apennines. We experiment  hybridization between traditional and synergic systems managing a food garden which satisfies our food needs in an aesthetically harmony with the surrounding environment. 

Along with cultivated gardens on more levels, we care the reign of spontaneous food, namely the plants called ‘weeds’ which are edible, tasty and rich of vitamins and minerals enriching our diet, and curative plants with properties in herbal and phytotherapic sectors e.g. nettle, borage, chicory,  asparagus, arugola, plantago lanceolata,  cardoon, cardoncello,  broccoli and wild pea,  nepeta, calendola arvensis and officinalis,  wild fennel, hypericum perforatum (Saint John's herb), helychrisum, oregano,  arbutus unedo, myrtle,  mallow and other varieties.

Our goats

Our system of self-sustainment is completed by courtyard animals (chickens and ducks) and a few pasture animals giving us milk, eggs, meat and complete the circle of sustainability of our farm by a selective pasture which fixes the land of fruit trees, keeps the wood area alive and produces manure which is useful for agricultural  activities along with the ash from the fireplace, rich in potassium.

These choices aim to recover ancient plants exchanging seeds and care of the memory, from summer garden to winter garden, from fruit trees grafted on the wild plants to ancient chickens called ‘chicchinelle’ (autochthon chicks) that are little but strong, in order to claim a new real economy.

To sum up, beauty, productivity and biodiversity are united in a respectful balance for the environment and its inhabitants and travellers, so we talk about natural agricolture  instead of following the nowadays trends because the combination of a forgotten ancient knowledge (we have got  a lot of examples in our Renaissance) and new agricultural practices contribute to recreate the balance between man and environment whose guardian is the wise farmer         who, in his microcosm and with his testimony, suggests a possible way to a new harmony on a large scale.

Recently we have built the new house 'Casa degli animali', a multifunctional eco-stable  and  very effective bricks because with low thermal conductivity; made from natural materials, that is wood, lime, straw and heat clay bricks to guarantee the best conditions  of living and a refuge for the animals of the farm.

We have chosen a southern exposure also for this house and recycled materials, recovering windows and doors fixtures of solid chestnut and iron handles   from an abandoned  as in the past times.

Some videos about our experiences

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