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Growth and Degrowth:

A possible different growth...

From Città del Parco to Labs/Workshops of Quarto Paesaggio

Logo del progetto I Laboratori della Città del Quarto Paesaggio

The existential and geographical replacement from a post-industrial model of consume to an attempt to follow a model based on a critic self-sustainment marks our reality as a place of resistance in the context of the depopulation and abandonment of southern countrysides.

act of replacement is the will to show the sustainability of the choice of inhabit abandoned places. This is a difficult  act but perceived as necessary. Given that it is impossible to reproduce the traditional landscape, the metropolitan one and the post-industrial and suburban one, today the Città del Parco introduces itself as a forth way for the man who inhabits his territory.

So the Quarto Paesaggio (Fourth Landscape) is born as a new urbanity on a large area . The Città del Quarto Paesaggio   is based on a lot of places of resilience and re-starting, that is the Labs/Workshops of   Quarto Paesaggio.

Building using wood

Sustainable Practices

Casale Il Sughero  is one of these Labs/Workshops, our daily experience is search of sustainability and we try to diversify and enrich our eco-sustainable activities by promoting good practices. We organize periodically - according to different periods - some workshops of happy degrowth, or how we love to say mostly ‘different happy degrowth’.

Here you are some examples of our labs:

- Natural bread-making (by starter, slow fermentation process and baking in our traditional eco wood-oven) and dough-making handily using ancient durum and  soft grains from Southern Apennines and recovery of wool (cooperating with associations of the district which deal with spinning, waving and natural colouring);

- Home - made natural soaps (using olive oil, flour, flowers and essential oils) and teaching of principles of traditional and synergic agriculture;

- Simple self-building with natural materials (wood, stone and lime) and farm managing and importance of recycling into the system of a small farm;

- Herbs picking-up used in cooking along with herbal therapy (unguents, balsams, herb teas, tisanes) and food workshops with partners dealing with tasting/making of local products;

- Goat cheese making (typical ‘cacioricotte’ of Cilento and fresh cheese) along with transformation of garden products into conserves and jams;

- Educational activities with children in touch with the great teacher mother nature and recovery of ancient knowledge of rural world.

We are hosting farm of the international organization  WWOOF, that promotes voluntary work of young and elder people in farms all over the world in exchange for help in daily activities. The meeting among cultures and the exchange of knowledge is the starting point for a sustainable management of our planet. We host volunteers who come into our house and live with us learning our times and the time of the land. Temporary members of our family and clerici vagantes of new contemporaneity. Many young people transit here taking new ideas for their projects and leaving us their experiences and imputs  continuous innovation

In addition, we offer our availability as a place of lecture and distribution of the monthly magazine AAM Terra Nuova, about the ecology of mind and happy degrowth, addressing to people who love the environmental sustainability and ecologically correct behaviours.  The magazine and its books offers interesting ideas about sustainability and good practices which are alternative to the predominant systems and makes available working groups to its readers about sensitive themes guaranteeing   scientific in-depth analysis.

Here you are some videos